Just the thought of getting back to a new normal is exciting to think about. Regardless of your situation, we all know that being in communication with your patrons is paramount when it comes to them returning as a consumer once again.

In dealing with the different stages of COVID-19, businesses are changing their status: it’s either Closed…Partially Open…or All the Way Open.

Video leads the pack in the area of “Effective Marketing Tools” when trying to reach out. People look for status updates on the web all the time, so you need professionally tailored videos to represent your business…professionally. Once in hand, they should then be posted on the web as many places as possible.

When your status changes, you have a perfect opportunity to show people that you are on top of things by updating your social media and your website with a video reflecting that change. Without an accurate representation, you may lose a customer to another business.

Customers are loyal and when they feel treated right and are well informed, they will return to the place that is top-of-mind.

With video, you can get the word out without getting out.