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Meet Dan.

Flexible Team

Dan drives the creative efforts, but when a project requires it, freelancers are brought in to fill roles like videographer, etc.

Nuxx Media is the namesake of Creative Director Dan Nuckolls, who is called “Nucks” by his friends, which became NUXX.

With a career that includes movie marketing for Disney and Dreamworks, Dan leveraged the high-quality standards emphasized by those companies to expand his career several times as the chief operating officer and creative workhorse for film and television production companies.

In addition to LA, he has worked in, and for, various businesses around the country. Although Hollywood has much larger budgets, the degree of creativity and excellence projected by the abovementioned companies is still practiced by Dan.

He started on his own in 2006 following a difficult medical situation. Nuxx Media is the culmination of working on several national, regional, and local projects that have assisted customers in focusing on their core competencies. Dan brings a unique perspective to every job from websites, music-based television, in-depth interviews, commercials, movie marketing, and web videos.

Since the web is a significant delivery method for video today, Nuxx Media also creates appealing, marketing-rich business websites, which Dan has been doing for his clients for many years. Along with his overall design skills and branding talents, his visual creativity in video carries over to web design, and he flourishes in both areas.


Call or email me if you have questions or just to fulfill any curiosity you have regarding Websites, Videos, Design, or Writing. Or just to say “Hi.

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