4 Tips for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Do you want to achieve greater results from your video marketing efforts this year? Try the following ways to increase your response rates.

1.  Evaluate Your Audience

First-rate targeting is critical to optimizing your response of a video. Take some time to review the demographics of your audience, and compare them against the demographics found in your top customers. It is recommended to market toward people who match the demographics shared by the categories you want more of. A targeted knowledge of who wants what you offer will allow your marketing to reach those who are prone to become clients.

2.  Evaluate What You Offer

Do you promote the right offer to the right audience? Consider your offer to determine whether it’s what your clients want. Match your offer to your audience to earn the best possible return on investment (ROI).

3.  Be Authentic

Does your marketing present an honest and genuine image? If not, it’s time to overhaul your approach. Common, ineffective techniques include big, loud and bold statements, mediocre visual and audio elements, audacious statements, and over-the-top graphics. Used car salesmen techniques work for selling cars, no one else. Viewers see through disingenuineness. Being authentic and non-salsey works best on video. Remember that for your video to be watched, your delivery and copy must be compelling and genuine.

4.  Keep it Simple and Clear

Avoid the temptation to pack your videos with too much information. Instead, focus on ONE major benefit in your video. It’s OK to add other supporting evidence, such as details of the benefit, but when you concentrate on one thing your target audience will be more likely to respond. Don’t clutter your video with unnecessary details that can be found on your website. It’s very common for people to want to include everything they know about themselves or their industry. This works against you. Pick one purpose and stick to that. Also, make it very clear what people need to do next. Have a strong call to action (CTA).

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