21 Ways to Utilize Video

We see video everywhere on the web, YouTube, Amazon, Blogs, almost everywhere we look. And as we all know, shorter is better when it comes to satisfying short attention spans.

You don’t need a big budget or fancy software to display your product or service. It can be as simple as recording your screen or shooting on your Smartphone.

Video is not as expensive as people think and we know it works incredibly well to communicate with people. Here are 21 ways you can use video however it’s created:

A Day in the Life

It’s fascinating and entertaining to see how things are created and what goes into what the viewer may already be familiar with. It can be interesting and/or intriguing to watch.

Before and After

Show the transformations of what things looked like BEFORE working with you and the view AFTER you’ve done your thing. B&A’s speak for themselves and really influence people.

Company Fun

If you have a crazy crew that works for you, showing a lighter side can really appeal to others. When they see you having fun, they assume it will be exciting to work WITH you.


Raising money online is very beneficial and video spells out your needs very well. It’s also more personal and heartfelt and with the right music and script, it can increase your efforts.


Video can show the operation and functionality of a product or procedure. Customers are given an understanding into how best to utilize what you create.

Email Campaigns

When you acquire names via your website, it’s great to “drip” videos out periodically to gradually convert warm leads into advocates for your brand.


People like to have things clarified so they know what you do or what you sell. A LIVE-action video is far more notable than an animated video, because they make you look more professional.


When there are things people frequently ask you, having the answers already on your site helps show you are thinking about what matters. A person presenting information about you or a product can make the viewer feel listened to.

Holiday Greetings

Years ago, people spent a lot on printing and postage to send cards out for numerous celebrations. Though it’s still a good idea at times, using a video can signify all the holidays with motion and sound – they can be emailed with NO postage costs as well.

How-to Videos

People love to be shown how things work so they can move forward. Web addresses printed on cards inside packaging that directs people to your site is a great way to add value and make you stand above the rest.

Internal Announcements

Communicate new programs, policies, and initiatives for everyone at once. No more lost productivity with big meetings because everyone can view the information at their desk.


Vignettes of new, exciting, and timely events, launches and celebrations help to create a buzz for you and your company. Add some sizzle to your promos rather than just text.


Seeking quality employees can be difficult, but a well-produced video placed on LinkedIn, in the “careers” section of your site, and in the description of all your job postings will help you stand out and attract excellent personnel.

Social Media

It’s wise to post short (:15-20 sec) eye-catching videos to increase awareness. Videos play automatically on a lot of platforms, so a moving video will grab attention.

Testimonials and Successes

Show a quick view of a client and how you exceeded their expectations. Seeing someone outside your company talking about you in a flattering way makes a big impact, builds credibility, and increases trust.

Thank Yous

When a project is completed, a video expressing your appreciation can be the cherry on top of a customer’s experience with you. You can also simply say “Thanks” for signing up on your website.


Provide frequent know-how and insight videos that relate to your industry. Presenting “behind the scenes” and helpful inside information gives you credibility and authority in the industry. When people see you talking about “X”, they will call you when they need “X”.


Record yourself or a spokesperson one time and then show the video to all new employees. The consistency of the same information being conveyed to each person helps increase good understanding.

Web Ads

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are wonderful places to grab eyeballs and sell what you do in mini-commercials. They can also be placed on a Landing Page coupled with Google AdWords, so your audience can see exactly what you want them to with one click.

What We Do

It’s good to present all aspects of your company. Sometimes it’s best to have multiple short videos rather than one long one. Exhibiting the features of what you do can be very helpful.

Year-end Capsules

Displaying the events that occurred throughout the year, including some flops, can help show the hard work and personal side in what you do. It will provide a look at what you wish everybody already knew about you. It indirectly helps people have an appreciation for the diligent work throughout your staff.

These are just 21 ways to integrate video into what you do to appeal to people. Video is not only effective; it engages with the viewer and helps you communicate as well or better than standing in front of someone. And you can address hundreds if not thousands of people with ONE VIDEO.

Contact us to discuss any ideas you have, learn about the feasibility of video, or discover how easy it is to use video to enhance your communication and marketing efforts.

You’ll be a hero around the office!